Gemstone Book

Sari McGlinn wrote a book 'Kivillä Hoitaminen' which is about gemstones / healing with crystals and how to use them in the home. A hardback was chosen as the format, to best withstand the test of time and work well as a “coffee table” book that is enjoyable to browse time and again. For the layout, Sari wanted to create a timeless, visually stunning book with colourful pictures and a classic layout. Easy to read, inspiring to look at.

Layout and cover design
Setting the pages

Written by: Sari McGlinn
Graphic design: Stina Ovaskainen
Photography: Stina and Mira Ovaskainen, Ossi Kajas, Sampsa Hallikainen
Models: Mira and Stina Ovaskainen

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