Vertigo - Typeface

This personal project uses gravity as a starting point, which led to a visual journey into what gravity is. A broad subject matter, eventually inspiring me to focus on an object moving within space. ‘Vertigo’ means a loss in balance and appropriately represents the typeface while also inspiring the reader. 
This typeface is photographic to showcase the movement of the letters and give it more depth when printed or used on screen. It is a display typeface and best suited for large-scale work. To create it, I printed out the individual letters using the Arial font as it is one of the clearest and most readable fonts in the world. Each letter was then individually shot with a system (DSLR) camera to create the unpredictable, unique, floating sense of movement that you cannot create using a computer program. Out of the numerous versions I then chose the most uniform ones to create a cohesive typeface.

Typeface design
Poster design


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